Mineral Makeup

Our 100% pure Mineral Makeup is pristine, free of talc, oil, fragrance, dyes, chemicals and any other potential skin irritants. As the substances used are titanium and zinc oxide, inherent mineral powders, our Mineral Makeup provides naturally high pigmented color but minimizes the risk of skin allergies and pore clogging.
With the zinc oxide base, the Mineral Makeup is inherently anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial thus Mineral Makeup is especially ideal for people with skin problem.
Made from micro-ionized minerals, it allows the skin to breathe, compliments the features and highlights particular areas. Our Mineral Makeup helps the skin to remain moist and hydrated. By varying the content of mica present in our Mineral Makeup, sheer, shimmering or opaque effects can be achieved. With such tremendous versatility, no wonder our Mineral Makeup is so appealing!